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Inert Practice Self Defense Spray


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½ oz, 2 oz Stream, 2 oz Fogger

Practice makes perfect, and that’s especially true when it comes to self defense. Our water based inert practice self defense spray is the perfect way to get proficient at using your pepper spray without wasting a real canister. These inert practice sprays are filled with water instead of pepper spray, and they’re pressurized with nitrogen. This makes them safe to use for practice, but they still give you a realistic feel of how a real pepper spray would work.


  • Get comfortable using your pepper spray
  • Practice your aim and accuracy
  • Develop muscle memory
  • Learn how to use your pepper spray in different situations

Order your Inert Practice Self Defense Spray today and start practicing for a safer tomorrow!

WARNING: Do not spray on anyone or yourself. Even though there is nothing in the sprays to do any permanent harm to anyone, the nitrogen can cause some skin irritation or burning if sprayed in the eyes.