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Three Piece Throwing Knife Set, Assorted Colors – Black, Blue, Red

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Weight 0.85 lbs

This Three Piece Throwing Knife Set is perfect for beginners and intermediate throwers. The knives are made from high-quality 440 stainless steel and have a sharp, durable edge. They are also lightweight and easy to grip, making them ideal for throwing. The set includes 3 knives in assorted colors: black, blue, and red. The knives come in a convenient sheath pouch for easy storage and transport.


  • Made from high-quality 440 stainless steel
  • Sharp, durable edge
  • Lightweight and easy to grip
  • Assorted colors: black, blue, red
  • Convenient sheath pouch for storage and transport


  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate throwers
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to grip and throw
  • Stylish and eye-catching
  • Convenient storage and transport


Order your 3 piece throwing knife set today and start practicing your knife throwing skills!’

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